Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back Again

The trip was supposed to be longer ; a three month long contract construction job, in the damaged coastal areas of Texas and Lousiana. However, due to a wide variety of events outside our control, we only ended up staying around three weeks. The was a vast abundance of adventures, driving, and strange occupational activities that many us never dreamed of, but all in all, it was a fantastic experience.

So, after 2,944 miles, I am finally back home, recuperating from a severe head cold, and considering other job opportunities.

Yesterday was Ben's 24th birthday. Thomas, Kristi, and I took him to Dave and Buster's, and had a time of much hilarity and amusement! The key lime pie was excellent, and the grilled shrimp were received with universal acclamations of delight. Ben was fascinated by the lamp that was fastened to the side of the table, and spent the greater part of the meal conspiring of how to abscond with it. In the end, he was content with the souvenier glass that the staff presented him for his birthday, and we departed into the gaming room for a night of virtual combat, racing, and Dance Dance Revolution, at which I am a miserable failure.

The air outside has a peculiar, bracing quality to it; I believe I shall go for a walk.