Monday, December 8, 2008

Retail Riddles

The world of retail is so very odd. Volatile to a fault, and rife with inner politics, insanity, and overall chaos, it never ceases to puzzle and surprise me. In my personal case, I was employed with one of the nation's largest retailers for three years, working steadily towards business management and eventual store management. My "career" was cut short by managerial bickering, politics, and of course, the ever present drama of the "he said, she said" chain of command failure. I left, disillusioned and vowing never to return.

And then, the district manager calls and personally asks me to return. Just like that. The store's managerial staff has been replaced, new initiatives are in place, and it's an entirely different ball game. Here I go again, may God have mercy on my confused and displaced soul. I report back to my old job at 0900 hours tomorrow morning.

Let's give it one more try, shall we?

I get to join the cadre of retail workers trying to survive yet another holiday season, amid the impatient and selfish masses of shoppers, and it's strangely exciting. I thrive under pressure.

It is not, of course, what I want to do for the long term, but as I am working towards larger goals, this small responsibility will keep me sharp, focused, and ironically, entertained.